About Nalani

Nalani offers high quality stylish and versatile women’s clothing in an inclusive range of sizes. We sell a variety of styles that are partially sourced and made in Africa, catering to local and international trends. Our online fashion platform delivers convenience, fast deliveries and accessible customer service.

Why Nalani?

Nalani was created with the simple aim to accentuate the experience of the African woman in fashion. When we create, we aim to elevate your experience to the same standards of quality, comfort and functionality regardless of your size. We want to give you a shopping experience that excites you, makes you feel good and provides you with unique fashion staples which you will treasure from season to season. 


What is the inspiration behind our designs?

Here at Nalani, our biggest inspiration is our love for self-expression through clothing. This manifests itself in the form of eye-catching clothing that can be worn in a range of occasions - casually, nights out to formal events. We felt there was a gap in the market for quality clothing that fits well, is affordable and readily available at your convenience.  


What sets us apart?

We understand women shop more by their personality than anything else. This is why we invest a lot of time ensuring that the clothing we offer flatters your body’s shape, reminds you to live boldly and most importantly, to feel good! We stand by the quality of our designs, each piece is produced with love and the highest level of workmanship and we think it shows in our clothes. This is not about fast fashion, it's about making pieces that you can truly treasure.